Summary of a broken heart

Love is like a ravenous pike and our heart is like that small fish it feasts on . Masses of people are felled down by love like masses of soldiers felled down by gunshots The person who claims to have love for an hour is completely insane because love can devour 10 men in an […]

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He saw her incarnated beauty first time His eyes got ceased on a dime A sea of sagacity, His audacity, And short term vivacity He was seventeen, She was either sixteen or seventeen Her face was beamed with delight For him, it was love at first sight He glanced at her speculatively Her virtuous eyes […]



I love the window Companion of my sorrow Witness of night vigils alongside the pillow Seems a loyal beau With no spurious vow When I feel senseless It gives me hopes With no, enow I love the window

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A Utopian Hour

O Almighty, The ultimate savior! confer me moments to enamor It would drizzle in the sky frosty graupels on my eye A solitary walk in the meadow I would tread on the snow Don’t let my ambitions  flourish; Bouncy ambitions frighten me Don’t let my dreams  lavish; Winsome dreams hearten me Lend me a utopian […]

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#शिकायतें 2

फटी किताब सी हो गयी है जिंदगी, जब  जब पन्ने समेटते हैं, एक हवा का झोंखा फिर उडा देता है पन्नों को , और बिखरते ही जा रहें हैं हम ।। ….सोनिया दीनदयाल

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