A Utopian Hour

O Almighty, The ultimate savior!
confer me moments to enamor
It would drizzle in the sky
frosty graupels on my eye
A solitary walk in the meadow
I would tread on the snow
Don’t let my ambitions  flourish;
Bouncy ambitions frighten me
Don’t let my dreams  lavish;
Winsome dreams hearten me
Lend me a utopian hour;
O Almighty, The ultimate savior!

Sonia deendayal

5 thoughts on “A Utopian Hour

  1. Curious as to the meaning you were going for behind this. This is what I got.

    In a perfect world or a utopia we don’t have to dream or pursue anything. Everything is perfect so we lose the beauty of our own imperfection and more or less lose our free will. Nothing is manifested and everything is as it is. Like bread that has gone stale.

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    1. Hey Sherif ,well I wish for an imaginary and dreamy hour, where there will be no space for aspirations and thoughts.. I agree with your opinion that happiness lies in humanbeing . There is no need to quest it . Thanks a lot for reading🙂

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