Summary of a broken heart

Love is like a ravenous pike and our heart is like that small fish it feasts on .

Masses of people are felled down by love like masses of soldiers felled down by gunshots

The person who claims to have love for an hour is completely insane because love can devour 10 men in an hour.

Like plague and gunpowder burn the love worked violently and swiftly 

whAt a trifle is heart!!If once into love’s hand it comes

All the other griefs never demand the entire heart,on the contrary the mighty heart swallows us whole 

Once I was a person with a heart but now devoid it completely 

If I were  aware of the consequences I would have told you to show more pity on me

My heart is a like a broken glass,and the pieces reside in me till now 

My rags of heart can like,wish or adore but they can’t love anymore☺️☺️☺️☺️

43 thoughts on “Summary of a broken heart

      1. No sonia! ☺
        I asked you if you could come up with it someday.
        I admire your writing much.
        If I could envisage your state of mind, traveling over is which I would not prefer. But Writing is the best way out for sure. Which I already did 😋

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      2. Hahahaha, In exemplification to my travelling schedules I am doing some good stuff I.e reading now a days , I have been an avid reader since childhood.
        But the situations deteriorated everything. I was feeling missed , missing the old Sonia who used to be happy all time, jovial nd jubilant Sonia .So, I made a promise today, I will keep myself happy 😊😊 Back to books😂😂😎

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      3. Traveller, that’s Cool! I like that.
        Reader too, well I’m not much into it.
        What else are you?
        If I ask about deterioration, would that be fair ?
        You know what? I can understand that missing feeling. Me too trying nowadays to attach myself with self instead of external agents.
        I’m​ glad my friend you finally found yourself, keep your promise for ever if possible. Here you told the essence. Happiness is an inside job. Great 👌
        Become bookworm again 😋 be the old sonia 😊

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      4. In addition to this,I am a sports fanatic🙂.Deterioration is nothing but to torture yourself for no means, to escape from happiness,to live in hallucination of painful memories😂😂😂. Hey, Shekhar all of us are just following our destinies .We can’t alter our destinies.Yesterday, I was sitting in metro, I saw a guy about 22,23 ,very gloomy , just estranged from everything. I was watching the mirror image of my last two years. At that point of time I realised that God had blessed our life with a lot of beautiful things and we are just dilapidating everything. I am still talking dark😂😂. I would like to refer you one book The Alchemist,Novel by Paulo Coelho. If, you get some free time apart from your studies just read it down. You would be an Ias one day and would make us proud👍😊. Have a blessed day!

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      5. You’re sporty 😍
        Exactly! life is beautiful & we’re blessed, but we ourselves make it harsh. And now we’ll make it wonderful 😇
        Hehe I’m​ in metro right now just passed by rajiv chowk 😋
        Thanks sonia for sharing ‘The wisdom’ words☺
        Actually I’ve read alchemist twice but never finished 😂 I’ll for sure do it someday 😊
        Thanks again for lifting my state of mind by calling Ias. You won’t imagine how this word make me feel.
        You too have a blessed day 😊

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      6. Giving best is necessity ☺
        You made a very bit but effective difference to my life with your kind words. Won’t say thanks.
        Right now in train going back home, posting something & taking leave for long from wp.
        Will read your writing all together.
        You’re good at inspiring & keep up.
        You will make a difference.
        Cheers to you, sonia! 😊

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      7. Hi sonia.
        You there?
        I apologise if I disturbed you.
        Could you talk to me, I’m messed up with studies. I feel comfy to discuss with you. I believe it would be fine as days passes, but still.

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      8. I think I aspire for perfection in concentration and in that way my instincts ends up frustrating me if that doesn’t happen. Because it needs draconian efforts & I am not up to it.
        Basically I don’t want to waste my life, I am young & energetic right now.
        And I don’t want to drain it & a thought of renunciation comes to mind. This thought sucks, you know, I’ve been involved in mundane affairs.
        It becomes difficult to figure out what I actually want & what the hell am I doing. And late nights are like you’re alone in room & sometimes negatives overpowers the intellect. And there starts the war or you become puppet in the hands of impulses.
        Right now I’m at peace. It’s just like breaking the mountains if you aspire for something high without a guru or someone to tell what needs to be done when you’re astray.
        I’ve read enough but now It comes to practice which seems tough.
        It feels good you gave hand.
        Thanks for being at the side. It means. ☺

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      1. khuda ke dwara banaye gaye sabhi chijo me sabse behtarin chij dil bhi hai, dil bahut hi nayab tohfa hai sonia ji ye hame wo bana sakta hai jo ham chahe behtarin se bhi behtarin or ye hame tabah kar khak bhi kar sakta hai agar ise sahi tarike se treat nahi kiya jaye

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  1. dil naa hota jajbaaten nahi hoti,
    dimaag se riston ki baaten nahi hoti,
    besak in tute glass saa dil hai magar,
    sabke paas itni pyaar nahi hoti,
    beautifully written……
    My heart is a like a broken glass,and the pieces reside in me till now
    My rags of heart can like,wish or adore but they can’t love anymore.

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