The withered flower

I asked to withered flower ,”what happened to you?” Flower replied that autumn had  lasted too long for her मैने मुरझाये हुऐ फूल से पूछा कि उसे क्या हुआ, फूल ने कहा पतझड मेरे लिए बहुत लंबी थी, शायद तुम्हें नहीं पता। Sonia deendayal Please ignore Hindi grammar mistakes if any exists 😃😃😃

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A Tragic bird tale

She was bird  Used to fly Gratified in affair With the sky It was raining But Left her dry She was bird Used to fly Armored with feathers Breezing in sky World was anhinga A meddled sly She was bird Used to fly She was chaste Ambushed by Spy (Anhinga) Feathers (her soul) were broken […]

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  It was April shower all daylong The earth was celebrating with a  charm strong It was April shower all daylong The birds were whispering pingpongs The heart was wounded with numerous barongs It was April  shower all daylong The vernal drops were flowing  among jovial throngs The eyes were blowing like jelutongs It was […]


MY confounded journey

dear Life  keep me running more and more Still questing this will o’the wisp shore Going vicarious with your tinsel hellebores Hanging around aeciospores  keep me running more and more!!                                               ~sonia

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